Spiritual Disciplines
Spiritual Disciplines

Glory through humility

Discerning Disciple

Part 1 In this lesson Liv4Christ4ever is teaching from John 13. As disciples of Christ it’s important that we exercise discernment. To clarify I’m referring to spiritual discernment. In part 1 we explored what it means to discern and some of the pitfalls in this age of “spiritual awakening”.

Part 2 Liv4Christ4ever continues from John 13. Jesus after washing his disciples feet says that one of them would betray him. Oddly enough nobody except Jesus saw it coming. Truth be told the other disciples didn’t even know who until Judas returns with a band of men. The disciples themselves really couldn’t discern whether they were the one that would betray Christ.

Part 3 Liv4Christ4ever picks up the series in John 8:32 exposing the World’s system in essence the spirit of antichrist which John the Revelator said was in operation while he was still alive. God help us if we cannot discern the spirit of this age. This system is designed to keep you from your God given purpose.

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7



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