At Liv4Christ4ever our goal is to keep Jesus at the center of everything we do. Family is God’s idea and is the second institution ordained by Him only after marriage. Because of this truth both marriage and families are under constant attack by the enemy. We can see this everywhere from high divorce rate, redefinition of marriage and family, society and the church becoming lovers of themselves.  Dad, the responsibility for your family is on YOU! Knowing this are your comfortable with anyone in your house loosing their soul? Mom, what’s more important to you than your children making it to Heaven? Is a house, car, a relationship or social status more important to you? Parents if you really love your children make them this promise immediately. 1) I will serve God. 2) I will pray for you. To have any chance at fulfilling this promise we must be born again. Here’s a short clip Listen as Pastor G.L Harris speaks about A Proof of Love (A parents promise)
I am so excited about launching this section and joining my covenant brother in ministry. Donnell let’s chase the Devil out of our homes and the homes of the body of Christ in Jesus name.


Before I begin giving you advice on building and guarding your family, there are some things you should know about me that qualify my ability to speak on the subject.  First, I grew up in a typical broken family in which my mother and father separated and then divorced when I was just 6 yrs old.

My father wasn’t around and he didn’t know how to raise a son because his father also left him.  My mother spent a majority of her time working and she also wasn’t prepared to raise children.

Now, with a family of my own, I was determined to learn from the mistakes of the generations before me and raise my children as God intended.  I am also determined to help other parents, especially fathers, to avoid critical mistakes in child rearing and life.

Each week on Monday, I will post information that will empower you to be a better father, mother, wife or husband.  My goal is to help parents be proactive in guarding their children from negative social and cultural influences.  Sometimes, you will find that you may not agree with ALL that is said.  However, before you comment, ask yourself if your disagreement is a result of defending your current paradigm or do you simply have additional information that may help us grow together.

Each week, there will be a new post and potentially some suggested action steps that you can take to implement the information into your family life.  I look forward to seeing parents make strides to building an guarding their families against anything the devil will try to send their way.

Under Categories click the Family link to see all related posts to date.

Bro. Donnell Wyatt Jr.



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