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The Tale of Two Sauls II

In Part one I introduced the characters of this post. I’m sure that we all could identify with both at some point in our lives. But since we are still living, NOW is probably a good time to take a closer look. For me, scripture has an amazing way of communicating the human experience. It … Continue reading

Now that I made it…….

How is it that we can think that because we have overcome that trial or passed that test, that somehow we could need less instead of more of God? Continue reading

Still Green?

The other night while saying prayers with my children my daughter said something that stuck out to me. It’s amazing watching the social dynamic develop in children. I remember my wife said to me some years back about how she likes kids. She said with a smile somewhat comically “They’re like little people” laughing to … Continue reading


Apostasy is not just the word of the day it accurately reflects our generation. Many people of various backgrounds have left the foundations of their upbringing. Obviously if you spent any time on this site then you should have a clue as to what we believe. But right now I’m not just referring abandoning the … Continue reading

Bait & Switch

That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. That’s the Gospel Continue reading

The Tale of two Sauls

None of us know in full, our end, although it will be determined by our character as God sees it up until then. Let us learn how to end right considering The Tale of Two Sauls. Continue reading


John builds on his revelation that Christ did not begin in Mary’s womb. Neither was Christ merely present before God created the heaven and the earth. Continue reading

New page launch!

I know it’s been a while since our last post. I did start a new page (Spiritual Disciplines) that will be filled with audio from some Sunday school classes. I’m working on uploading some more but check out what we have now. I have had so many things to share with the body of Christ … Continue reading

Like it or not you WILL choose!

If we open our mouth and confess not then we deny him. If we confess Him with our mouth but deny Him in our actions then we DENY Him. Like it or not you WILL choose. Continue reading

Fasting Changed My Life!

In a world driven by carnal knowledge it seems that everyone is seeking immediate gratification. From an early age people are looking for, and engaging in, almost anything for their pleasure. Even the church has compromised the teachings and example of the Lord Jesus Christ. “If will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Mat 16:24 Continue reading