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March 14, 2016 word of the day.

Apostasy is not just the word of the day it accurately reflects our generation. Many people of various backgrounds have left the foundations of their upbringing. Obviously if you spent any time on this site then you should have a clue as to what we believe. But right now I’m not just referring abandoning the Christian upbringing.

I’m also referring the apostasy in society. Either you, your parents or the parents of someone you know grew up when a neighbor could and would discipline children that were not their own. Today many don’t allow their children to be corrected by teachers or really anyone except themselves. I assume they are unaware that the undermining of authority undermines their authority as well. Regardless of your political preference I find it hard to believe the choices that are presented for us in the U.S. to select from on both sides. It is a clear marker to me of this societal decline or apostasy. Everywhere you turn you can see the affects on our society as it refers to apostasy.

As believers we should represent the possibility that man can be moral and upright having a personal relationship with our Creator.  If they fail to see this hope they will never ask the reason of our hope. As the church begins to depart from the beliefs that brought us together our world is adversely impacted. Consider this, apostasy doesn’t necessarily come all at one time in most cases it comes over time with subtle, unchallenged doubts. Imagine if Eve challenged the serpent’s assertion that God was hiding a good thing from her. Heck imagine if she said to herself “why am I talking to a snake.” Imagine if Adam challenged Eve when she produced the fruit from the tree that they both knew not to eat from? Everything would be different but they didn’t so here we are. Imagine if we as believers challenged the new norms of society. Imagine if the ungodly came and sought the counsel of the Godly, instead of (the usual) the other way around. I’d say if this were to ever happen we would swing the pendulum back toward revival.

Spiritual Climate Pendulum

Spiritual Climate Pendulum

Colossians 2:8-10 Galatians 4:9, 3:1 Revelation 3:16

Grace & Truth,


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Seeking to promote true life through Jesus Christ by making the Gospel relevant to our lives today. Presenting the word of God as the final authority on how we as believers, hypocrites and those yet to believe should live in order to please our Creator. One thing is sure, the creature (all creation) was created for a purpose. We will do well by acknowledging our Creator and using His gift of free will to accomplish His purposes. According to scripture “Every knee will bow (Submission) and every tongue will confess (Confession)” to Jesus Christ the Lord. We just choose to submit and confess Christ’s Lordship daily that we might live with Him now and forever.


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  1. Great post thanks for the Word…


    Posted by mikeanthoni1206 | April 1, 2016, 11:50 am

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