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13 Labels, Demographics, Stereotypes, etc tools we use to Prejudge


Yeah so I logged into my WordPress account the other day and low and behold Freshly Pressed had an article with an interesting title. “I’m tired of being a Christian”. Now I’m not fond of the term Christian, so maybe they were like me. Then I thought well…

it could be someone reaching out for help. With intrigue I stopped scrolling and clicked to see what this person could have meant. Were they weary in their mind? I couldn’t tell so I began reading. As I’m reading (fully aware of “the World’s system”) I couldn’t help but wonder why this article would have been “Freshly Pressed”. I’m not critiquing the author but rather the motives of those that decided it should be “Freshly Pressed”. Was it to laugh at the dumb christian fold under their, frail belief system? So I kept reading. Was it mockery of Christ in general? Who knows but I kept reading.

<Pause “Labels, Demographics, Stereotypes etc tools we use to Prejudge”>

So yeah if you’re like “them super holier than thou Christians really get on my nerves” then…. wait a minute, is that not a judgement? So it seems that the non-judgers judge the judgers for judging then excuse themselves declaring freedom from judgment? WHAT? How long has this trick kept the sincere babe in Christ frustrated and unable to share their faith? Well not here because we read the rest of the verse. Which tells us not to judge a matter that we are not willing to adhere to the same judgement. In other words the liar tells others that lie not to (lie) by saying “you lied”, or “lying is wrong”, but rather by no longer lying. ok

For me after reading an article that’s getting a lot of buzz I like to take the pulse of the comments. My initial thoughts were that she may be reaching those often overlooked with the message of Jesus. As I read the comments it seemed more often than not, that those commenting had left the faith or never had faith. It seemed that they were trying to draw her away from Christ as opposed being drawn to Christ by her. See my comment below.

As writing goes I’d have to agree with the general consensus beautifully written. As for the title, Genius. It got all of us to peer into your thoughts to hear what you had to say. From a blogging standpoint “Bravo”. I’m commenting however because I feel that it’s dangerous to anyone unwilling to read the entire bible as one book. Most of these comments of what Jesus did or wouldn’t do are based upon a concept of who we would like Jesus to be, not scripture. Mat 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. The progressive movement to demonize the religious and self righteous sin above carnal fleshy sin is still SIN. Jesus came to save both, he came for All had sinned. The same crowd that followed Jesus is the same crowd that hollared “Crucify Him!” Don’t get comfortable in the crowd. In truth Christ’s life on earth was one of persecution and isolation because when the true tests of faith came everyone (that loved him) deserted Him. Perhaps I’m like you in that the term “Christian” isn’t appealing. It comes with soooo much baggage. It was the non-believers, pagans that labelled the followers of Christ that. The Bible calls us, “believers called to be saints”. Everyone that names the name of Christ isn’t following Him. They may have followed at some point until they were offended John 6:66. It says they walked no more with Him. It didn’t say they left ministry (the church) or doing good things like being kind or “loving”. Jesus says to all that ever followed Him “Will ye also go away?” Grace & Truth

So if you want to see the original post which I won’t reblog or link here you can can go to Google and search “I’m tired of being a Christian” as I have done here and she should be in the top 5 or so. The author’s name is Kelsey Munger she posted it 9/15/15. As you can see Google must have thought mighty highly of it too.

Next time you hear  labels, demographics, stereotypes, etc tools we use to prejudge

just STOP and be honest with yourself. We ALL prejudge, (including you) just don’t let your prejudice keep you from making an accurate assessment. As believers we ought to judge. Our judgement should be righteous in light of scripture (rightly divided) not based on emotions or personal bias. Our judgement should begin with us not any other person or group. Any action to address (with righteous judgement)  someone else about what they are, or are not doing should be tempered with love. By “Love” I don’t mean the general statement that we love everybody, I mean that you love (those you judge) and are concerned for the welfare of the individual or group as you would be for your own children or family.

Remember it’s more about what you do (or don’t do) rather than what you say. “For God so loved the world that he gave”. Well, what did he give? God gave up his right to pronounce final judgement without first giving us an opportunity to repent and be saved. He gave of Himself. For Christ came not into the world to condemn (pronounce final judgement) the world but the world through him might be saved!

Grace & Truth,


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