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A Father’s Heart


A Father's Heart

Since we are in the Christmas season and approaching the start of a new year, I wanted to speak briefly from the heart. I have thought quite a bit about the posts that we have put before you, especially those that speak toward the family.

I will admit that I speak so much on building and guarding your family because I have seen too many people, especially men, put the well being

of their household on the back burner.  Growing up, I experienced just this type of upbringing.  

As a father now, I take great care not to repeat the sins of my parents or to use them to justify my failures.  Instead, I answered the call of being a responsible parent to my children.  I understood that I have to live a life that reflects my expectations of them and that I must guide them and not simply discipline them when they do wrong.  I needed to help them learn from their mistakes and show them how to avoid repeat occurrences. 

I will end this short post by saying that I see the fruit of my labor before me and my children bring such a joy to my heart.  I smile when I see them, I anticipate their joy when they see me.  They hunger for my presence when I am not around.  Simply, I am their dad.

Being a committed parent is worth every effort.  Please don’t take the information we provide you lightly.  Put it to practice and watch your results change.



About Building & Guarding Families

I am a 36 yr old, married father of 3 children. I have had relationship with God for the last 15 years, but it wasn't until I started my own family that I understood why God made me different. A passion grew in me for building and guarding my family from the failures of those that went before me. I want to share that passion and the wisdom I accumulated over the years to help others to strengthen their families and guide their children the way God intended.


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