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Christmas Chaos?


Well, here we are just 11 days away from Christmas and for many, the stress is still building. As a society, the true meaning of the Christmas season, the celebration of Christ’s birth, has been replaced with Santa Claus, Reindeer and materialism.

In the name of fun, even so-called christian parents are

teaching their children that Santa is real and they encourage them to write down a wish list of toys they want to get at Christmas.

To add to the chaos, parents actually stress themselves out trying to get the things on their kid’s wish list. From Beats headphones to Ipads, Iphones, etc. Not to mention that some parents live in guilt because they either couldn’t get their kids anything for Christmas or that they couldn’t get them what they wanted.

Well, I want to tell you that it’s not worth the stress or the damage to your children. This year, I would like to extend an invitation to all parents to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with the following tips;

1. Tell your children the truth about Christmas and stop telling them that Santa is real. It’s not cute and they aren’t too young to know the truth.
2. Don’t ask your children what they want for Christmas because it’s not about them. Instead, if you want to give gifts, give them something of your choosing that reflects your love for them.
3. Involve your children in sharing the love of God during this time of year. Take them to help feed the homeless, volunteer for toy drives for those less fortunate, etc.

These are just a few suggestions that can help make this time of year less stressful for you and more meaningful, especially if you have children.

Till next time,

Stay on guard…

Bro. Donnell

About Building & Guarding Families

I am a 36 yr old, married father of 3 children. I have had relationship with God for the last 15 years, but it wasn't until I started my own family that I understood why God made me different. A passion grew in me for building and guarding my family from the failures of those that went before me. I want to share that passion and the wisdom I accumulated over the years to help others to strengthen their families and guide their children the way God intended.


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