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Truth Behind Hiphop confirmed: Hiphop returns back to its spiritual covering ” The Zulu Nation” » EXTV

As a lover of music I have always been aware of it’s ability (tendency) to set my mood or cause a mood that I wanted set. During my rebellious teen years I sought out the albums that said “explicit lyrics”. It was like explicit was the truth and everything else was just sugarcoated. With the help of such music I took on a very selfish and self-centered personality that was quite popular with that culture. For me in the early 90’s the 4 albums that shaped my personality the most were The Chronic by Dr Dre, Doggystyle by Snoop Dogg, Enter the Wu Tang by the Wu Tang Clan and Crossroads by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Right now as I reflect I can’t help but acknowledge the strength of Satan to deceive through music. It was easy for me to accept the Truth Behind Hiphop as ministered by Pastor G Craige Lewis because he confirmed much that I knew. But under the obvious (at least to me) Pastor G Craige uncovered the idolatrous spiritual roots of the Hiphop movement. Nothing today has changed. zululogo

When the Truth Behind Hiphop message was first released to the church EX Ministries exposed the Hiphop subculture’s belief system and how it was going to invade the church. In our previous documentaries  “What Every Church Needs to Know About Hiphop” and  “The Trojan Horse – Truth Behind Holy-Hip hop” you learned about its history and the influence of the Zulu Nation. There were many who tried to discredit our message and deny the Zulu Nation as being a part of its foundation and beliefs. Others claimed Hiphop as redeemable and tried to separate the Hiphop subculture from the Zulu Nation (Afrika Bambaataa) and its other founding fathers. However, we stayed the course and continued to preach against the spirit behind Hiphop. For more than 17 years the ministry tried to help this generation understand the dangers in embracing hiphop as Christians because of its origin.  Unfortunately some christian rappers needed authenticity and began to covet affirmation from Hiphop by calling themselves Christian Hiphoppers. These rappers eventually divorce themselves completely from being identified as “Christian” but as Hiphoppers who happen to be Christian, and now they boldly declare themselves as Hiphop. Since, one of the most popular rappers Lecrae Moore partnered with a member from the Zulu Nation (9th Wonder) to produce music for his Church Clothes mixtape debut. Well today the “Fat Lady Has Sings” again, Hiphop is returning to its roots, its spiritual covering, the Zulu Nation.

via Truth Behind Hiphop confirmed: Hiphop returns back to its spiritual covering ” The Zulu Nation” » EXTV.

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