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A Father’s Heart

Since we are in the Christmas season and approaching the start of a new year, I wanted to speak briefly from the heart. I have thought quite a bit about the posts that we have put before you, especially those that speak toward the family. I will admit that I speak so much on building … Continue reading

Are Miracles Real?

Yesterday I was off and had a daddy day with my (4 yr old) son. As usual he got up and without a good morning or anything he hands me the WII controller wanting me to play the game with him. So I ask him while playing where he’d would like to get some breakfast.

Accompanying Jesus

Wow what insight! It’s Christ’s love that draws us to Him but it’s our love for Him that changes the game. After being overwhelmed with the understanding that He knows everything about us and yet still loves us our love for Him compels us to render service. I really enjoyed this post.

Christmas Chaos?

Well, here we are just 11 days away from Christmas and for many, the stress is still building. As a society, the true meaning of the Christmas season, the celebration of Christ’s birth, has been replaced with Santa Claus, Reindeer and materialism. In the name of fun, even so-called christian parents are

Truth Behind Hiphop confirmed: Hiphop returns back to its spiritual covering ” The Zulu Nation” » EXTV

As a lover of music I have always been aware of it’s ability (tendency) to set my mood or cause a mood that I wanted set. During my rebellious teen years I sought out the albums that said “explicit lyrics”. It was like explicit was the truth and everything else was just sugarcoated. With the … Continue reading

How Black Denial is Creating an STD Epidemic

First I’d like to say that liv4christ4ever.com doesn’t support all of the views contained in this article. I do feel however that several relevant points are being made. Although the original posting was August 31, 2012, I feel that it remains relevant today. I would like also to point out that the true problem is … Continue reading

Broken Homes, Bad Parenting, Real Consequences! Part 3

Last week I touched on the events that happened in Ferguson, Missouri in which an 18 yr old was killed during an altercation with a police office. I also noted that many of today’s problems that we have are the result of bad parenting and broken homes. My partner did a re-post entitled “Ferguson Goes … Continue reading

Broken Homes, Bad Parenting, Real Consequences! Part 2

Last week, I started addressing what I have been noticing as causes for many of the problems we are seeing with today’s youth. I also touched on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri where Michael Brown was killed. I am still sad to see that regardless of what happened, very few in the black community are … Continue reading

Ferguson Goes Viral; Says Sin, Not Skin Is the Problem

By Leonardo Blair CP U.S November 29, 2014 | 9:00 am Benjamin Watson (PHOTO: FACEBOOK/BENJAMIN WATSON) New Orleans Saints tight end, Benjamin Watson (l). A day after tempers flared with the controversial decision of a Missouri grand jury to not indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, Christian … Continue reading