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Unintended Consequences II


Last week, I briefly addressed the issue of violence among our teenagers, especially in the inner city.  This week, I want to share my thoughts on possible solutions that could help curve the trend of violence.  Here are my thoughts;

1.  Bring God back into the family:

 This should be a no-brainer yet you would rarely hear many pastors (on T.V.) mention it.  However, you will hear them talking about gun collection programs.  It’s time for parents to recommit themselves to responsibility that God gave them in regards to their children.  Mothers and especially fathers, need to lead by example and change what they allow their kids to be exposed to and how they are training their children.

2.  Mentoring programs for teens:  I do understand that there are many young men that are without their fathers but they don’t have to be without a Godly male influence.  Community churches should set up mentoring programs that will give young men and women someone to hold them accountable.  This will also give them an example to follow in regards to living a Christ-centered life.

3.  Single parents need to take responsibility for the lack of leadership and role modeling in the home:  A single mom can and should conduct her life as an example to her daughter and should, if possible, find a Godly male figure to help hold her son accountable. Single fathers can do the same by finding a Godly woman to teach his daughter the things that he can’t. For his son, it is the fathers’ responsibility to live is life as an example to his son. A son shouldn’t have to look elsewhere to learn about life and Godly character.  These type of mentors may work best if it is a family member but can be as effective if the person isn’t family.

These are just some of my thoughts in regard to addressing the real problem.  Your ideas may be different and maybe better, but let’s get started focusing on the right problem!

Stay On Guard!

Bro. Donnell

About Building & Guarding Families

I am a 36 yr old, married father of 3 children. I have had relationship with God for the last 15 years, but it wasn't until I started my own family that I understood why God made me different. A passion grew in me for building and guarding my family from the failures of those that went before me. I want to share that passion and the wisdom I accumulated over the years to help others to strengthen their families and guide their children the way God intended.


One thought on “Unintended Consequences II

  1. Great post Donnell. The first step in addressing this particular issue is universal to all our issues. It’s so simple and maybe why many if not most overlook it. Bring God into whatever is the problem.


    Posted by liv4Christ4ever | November 19, 2014, 6:33 pm

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