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What am I really here for?

Last week in Do I really believe? I challenged readers to really think about a previous post Lord I believe! If you have yet to read those posts I would start there. Every now and then it’s good to ask yourself what do I believe; what matters most in my belief system. More importantly after … Continue reading

Broken Homes, Bad Parenting, Real Consequences!

Today, I am pulling together most of my talk about our responsibilities as parents in child rearing.  I have been following the news for some time, hearing so many reports of violence

Confessions of an unbelieving believer

Originally posted on In My Father's House:
“What do you do that an atheist can’t do?” This was the beginning of a conversation I had with God a few years ago. Did you ever notice that whenever God asks you a question, He’s not looking for information? Actually, it’s usually the beginning of revelation…for…

Unintended Consequences II

Last week, I briefly addressed the issue of violence among our teenagers, especially in the inner city.  This week, I want to share my thoughts on possible solutions that could help curve the trend of violence.  Here are my thoughts; 1.  Bring God back into the family:

How Ufuo Got Her Groove Back

I stumbled upon this some time back. I thought it was extremely insightful. I wanted to read some of her other posts just to make sure we had a similar motivation. Great Post Ufuomaee!

Unintended Consequences

This week’s post is in response to the recent murders in Jacksonville, Florida that involved teenagers.  Like everyone else, I was saddened by what has been happening in our community.  Recently, a 15 year old teen was murdered and about a month ago, two teen girls were found murdered on the side of the road.

Lord I Believe!?

Last week I finished a two part series answering the question “Is Jesus an Idol?” In part two I started to address publicly what many of you already are aware of. That is the great falling away of those that at one point may have truthfully but today falsely proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Head Of Household? Part 2

In part 1, I stopped short of telling you what happened with Eve in the garden and how it applies to you as a woman/wife. Now, we all know that according to Genesis 3:6, Even ate the fruit and gave also to her husband.  What is important to realize is that Adam followed Eve into disobedience. … Continue reading