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Is Jesus an idol? II

Last week I addressed the question “is Jesus an idol?” In last week’s we concluded that he is not.  This week I would like to speak from the  viewpoint that would make Jesus an idol. In a previous post I used the generic definition of idol to expound on and expose idolatry in our culture. I think today it … Continue reading

Head of Household?

Today’s post is addressing an issue I have seen and heard of from others in the church.  It is the issue of who is the head of the house.  Naturally, one would think that the husband would be the head, just as Ephesians 5:23 says he is.  Sadly, many households and even churches find themselves … Continue reading

Holiday Lies?

This week’s message is designed to briefly address the current holiday season that is upon us.  Halloween is just days away for many in the world, they are looking forward to this day.  Why?  Well, they are looking forward to parties, dressing their kids and pets in costumes and dressing up themselves.

Is Jesus an Idol?

You probably never thought you would see a post with the title like this here @ liv4Christ4ever. Well you did, there it is boom! I’d like to start by saying emphatically, NO… well maybe…. I don’t really know let’s consider. Is Jesus an idol?

Is My Child Uncovered? Part 2

Last week, I posted some tips to help you cover and protect your children.  This week, I want to continue with some additional points and concerns.  I want to start by opening up my life a little so you can get a better idea of what can happen when your child is left uncovered. As … Continue reading

Subtle Serpents III (Did God really say?)

There’s so much to speak about the last broad category of how the subtle serpent speaks through the celebrities we idolize. I spent much time this week contemplating whether or not I should speak in general terms or start calling folks out. Before I get into it I must say this “We all were created … Continue reading

Is My Child Uncovered?

In one of my former posts, I made mention of the fact that parents are to guard their children from the influences of the world.  Today, I want to share more detailed concerns that if addressed, can aid you to avoid helping your children slip away into the arms of the world.  Yep, I did … Continue reading

Subtle Serpents II (Did God really say?)

       Last week we touched on how Satan and the demonic used things “such as common to man” to deceive and ultimately turn our hearts away from God. I want to repeat the ultimate goal of Satan is to receive worship that belongs to God. He’s happy however if worship is directed anywhere except God … Continue reading

If the Bible is God’s word then….

Last week while preparing the post Subtle Serpents “Did God really say?” The thought occured to me to ask you and everyone at some point to “Imagine for a minute or two that the Bible is God’s word.” Now before you do this exercise I literally mean at least 60 to 120 seconds of considering … Continue reading