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“Forgiveness” is one of those things that doesn’t come easy to most people.  When someone does us wrong, we tend to feel that it is our right to hold a grudge against them until they apologize for what they did.  The sad reality is that there are times when we are wronged and we’ll never … Continue reading

Subtle Serpents “Did God really say?”

Last week we spoke about how the devil serpent introduced doubt to the believer. This week we intend to expose some serpents of today…. When mankind was kicked out of the Garden I believe that Satan followed because there was no one left to deceive.

What Kind Of Son/Daughter Are You! (No Longer The Victim)

In my previous post, I revealed an episode that occurred between me and my father. I also shared some parenting tips that I learned as a result of what I experienced. Today, I want to talk about no longer being a victim of past circumstances and living life victoriously.

Doubt “Did God really say?”

“Ye shall not surely die” said the serpent back then and the dragon continues his rant undermining God by introducing doubt to those who would otherwise believe. Continue reading

What Kind of Son/Daughter Are You!

Years ago, my father asked me this question during a heated discussion about something that happened in my upbringing.  At the time, I was too hurt to think about an answer to the question, yet it never left me.  I took personal inventory of myself and decided to truthfully answer the question.

Race to 100

We are finally ready for some subscribers! “follow this blog” check the sidebar or at the very bottom all you need is an email address. Check out some of the existing content. If it makes sense to you and you like it please subscribe. Help us out with our goal to reach 100 subscribers by the … Continue reading

Dealing With Your Past

This week’s message is geared towards helping you build a stronger marriage.  The added benefit is that tackling this issue also affects your children in a great way too.   I heard a pastor say that marriage is the collision of two histories, good or bad.  Sadly, most married couples didn’t really give it much … Continue reading

Liv4Christ4ever YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel has been launched. Live Broadcast Grace & Truth YouTube Channel

Guarding Your Children Part 2

  Last week, I touched on some examples and tips to help you change how you watch over your children.  This week, I want to get more detailed as to proactive parenting and give additional tips you can implement into your parenting.  I want to state one very important comment before we get started and … Continue reading