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Starting Spiritual Conversations Part 1

Originally posted on Trevor Nashleanas:
A few weeks back a group of leaders from our church and I were attending a conference with other churches in our worldwide Image via dominant worldwide.com. family, Newfrontiers.  In between sessions I made it a point to talk with people that I didn’t know.  I wanted to expand my…

Guarding Your Children

This weeks post is somewhat sensitive in nature because it will hit home to so many adults.  I have titled today’s post, “Guarding your children” because I want to help parents to avoid unnecessary heartaches with their children.   Just remember this one fact as we continue; “Every child learns best by mimicking the behavior … Continue reading

Building a Solid Family Foundation

This week’s post is about building the foundation to a strong family.  The journey to build this foundation starts right after you say “I DO”.  The first step is to understand and commit to your marital relationship, not just the idea of being married.  I am addressing this because far too many individuals, Christian or … Continue reading

Building And Guarding Your Family

At Liv4Christ4ever our goal is to keep Jesus at the center of everything we do. Family is God’s idea and is the second institution ordained by Him only after marriage. Because of this truth both marriage and families are under constant attack by the enemy. We can see this everywhere from high divorce rate, redefinition … Continue reading